Week in Review

I had fun with my "Week in Review" post last week. It's kind of a triple-whammy for me — not only does it give me blog content and a way for you all to see what I'm up to, I also found it encouraged me to get up from behind my computer and to do something photo-worthy and creative, which is something I struggle with big time. So I decided to give it another try this week. Let me know if you're into it and I'll try to keep it up.

Last weekend was my big 20k race (more on that soon)! So obviously Monday was spent mostly relaxing. I did a little shopping for the trip (one month to go!) and then spent the evening enjoying the late-day sun on our patio with my LBU homework. In case you were wondering, if Dear Edna were a car, it would be a 1967 VW Bug. Haha!

 Cutting out robe pieces and figuring out ways to be more efficient about it. Who knew sewing took so much math?

 Stencilling a custom tote.

 So, this happened. Ugh. I also knocked over my pencil holder, ran out of thread halfway through a project, and fought with a faulty presser-foot lever on my sewing machine. The day necessarily ended with patio beers.

I finished two more dressing gowns today. One more to go and the line will be complete and I can finally start the process of photographing and listing them for sale. Yipee!

Have a fantastic long weekend, everyone!


Lela B said...

"The day necessarily ended with patio beers."

Ha- love that. And I recognize that tote! I agree: the weekly photo recap does press out to get out from behind a screen (and that's why my blog is missing this week). Love, love, love the robes- especially that one in front. Excited to see them make their debut...

Angela said...

Love this post! Yes, those dressing gowns look great!

Jill said...

The dressing gowns are so pretty!!