Week in Review

This week was "Implementation Week" in the course I'm taking, which is basically a half-way-through catch-up week. Since this course has taken away from a lot of my sewing time, and I'm not too far behind in the coursework, I spent the majority of this week with two of my best friends, a needle and thread.

Monday was a holiday here in Canada, and it also happened to be my parents' 40th wedding anniversary! My parents had their share of ups and downs and stuck together no matter what and I'm so lucky to have that to look up to as I prepare to get married next year. My parents had their wedding album, guest book and gift list out to reminisce over... wow, times have changed! How did we get from $5 wedding gifts to a national scandal over a picnic basket?

 Tuesday is half-price day at the Hamilton CarShare, so we took advantage and went shopping all evening. Naturally, I managed to sneak into Fabricland and picked up a few notions to help me finish up some works in progress this week.

Sewing up my very last apron in this popular colourful print. Who wants it?

 I finished up the yellow robe, the final print in the dressing gown collection. Here they all are hanging together on my closet door, waiting to be photographed. Don't they look pretty all in a row?

I also finished my Darling Ranges dress! It didn't take very long to sew up, but then it took pretty much an entire day to alter it to fit. I'll take some shots of me in the dress this weekend and give you the whole story then. Spoiler alert: I love it!

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