Home Sweet Home

Today has been an adventure in calendars. I uncovered all manner of things shocking and awesome. First, as of this Sunday, I've been home from vacation for a whole month. How is that possible? I'm sorry I've left you for so long. In my defence, October was crazy busy. Business picked up literally the first day I got back with a couple big custom orders, I started a weekly quilting class, then there was Thanksgiving, Mike's birthday week, baking, shopping, planning and of course simply enjoying home sweet home. It's no wonder I haven't found time to sort through our 2000 vacation photos. It's daunting, to say the least. It will get done, eventually, I promise. You have Instagram, in the meantime.

And guess what else? Two months from today is Christmas. Again, how is that possible? I've been drawing up lists and cancelling plans left right and centre ever since I did the math -- I essentially have two weeks to get everything cut, sewn, photographed and listed in time. Deep breath.

On a more positive note, I have some exciting holiday-related news to share: I was accepted to participate in two craft shows this year! You'll find me and my wares at the Made By Hand Christmas Craft Show at the Hamilton Convention Centre on November 30th and the Makers' Market Holiday Edition at Christ's Church Cathedral on December 7th. Woo!

I also have a virtual table set up at Poppytalk Handmade's online marketplace from now until December 20th. I'm offering a special deal to Poppytalk visitors, so be sure to stop by and check it out.

All this talk of Christmas, and it's not even Halloween yet. Curses on me. I guess I gave up that particular holiday when I started a business. Just do me a favour, will you, and while you're dressing up as a sexy cat and snacking on candy corn, think of me listening to carols and piecing red trees with green reindeer. Haha! What a life. :)

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