Block Party

I mentioned awhile back that I was taking a quilting class. Yes, I've already made a few small quilts, but there were little imperfections in each of them that nagged at me, and I figured that if I'm going to keep up with this, I best be learning how to do things properly. So I signed up for the 7-week sampler class with Johanna Masko at Needlework. And I'm so glad I did! Not only has my technique improved exponentially (talk about tight points), but I also really loved having those 3 hours a week carved out for me to learn, to sew for fun, and, quite frankly, to get out of the house! You've heard me whine before about the work-at-home lonelies. In 6 classes I managed to get my whole quilt top pieced and everything basted together, but now that the holidays are creeping in, I haven't had time to quilt yet. That's a project for the long cold winter ahead, I suppose. But I still wanted to share with you my four completed quilt blocks. Because they're pretty... and I'm proud.

Maple Star
I didn't read the title of this block until later and was pretty pleased that I had chosen a "maple" colour palette for it. Plus, I used the kitty print. Everybody loves kitties.

Star of Hope
I love the movement of this one -- almost like a windmill. I can see many variation possibilities with this pattern too. So pretty.

If I had to pick a favourite, this would be it, I think. I can see myself making a whole quilt with just this block. It's also the first one we made in class, so it's extra special.

Rolling Stone
Obviously I forgot to snap a photo of this one before it was pin basted. Haha! Fun fact: this is the second version. I wasn't happy with the centre, so after class, I went home, ripped it all out and sewed it together again with a new middle square. Silly perfectionist.

I'm pretty sad that tonight is the last class. Sniff sniff.  

If you're interested in learning to quilt at all, I highly highly recommend taking a class with Johanna at Needlework. That woman really knows her stuff and teaches it well. You'll make a beautiful blanket, learn the skills to make many more, and have fun doing it. My only regret is not having taken a class earlier!

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