Zig Zag Baby Blanket

Another baby, another quilt! So many of my friends gave birth to boys in the last few years, it was a special treat to finally sew something pink. I even went out and bought some more pink fabric because there wasn't enough in my stash. That's what I told myself, anyways. Haha! Planning and playing with the fabric was my favourite part of making this project.

With two quilts under my belt, I got ambitious and really upped my game with this playful zig zag pattern. It was inspired by this one that I saw on Etsy, so if you're nervous to just wing it like I did, you can purchase that pattern. Now that I've taken some proper quilting lessons, I realize how much I could've improved the final product. I don't want to harp on my mistakes, of course, but let's just say quilt math and nesting seams get a lot more complicated with more complicated patchwork.

But the biggest and scariest problem I ran into was when I gave my embroidery a quick spray to remove the erasable markings. The red thread bled all over my pure white quilt back! Ahhh! Luckily I hadn't quilted yet, so I removed the basting pins (which I had already rebasted several times) and threw it in the washer a couple times with some stain remover. It came right out. Crisis averted. Baby, none the wiser. 

Note to self: always pre-wash red or dark pink embroidery thread!

I'm really happy with the finished product and and even happier with my friend's reaction when she opened it. I've spotted it in a few of Leah's pictures too, which makes me a proud "auntie"!

As you may have guessed, I'm getting pretty hooked on this quilting business. It's labour intensive, but also intensely satisfying. The more I learn, the more I want to sew! What's next?

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De Facto Redhead said...

What's next is my Christmas quilt! Haha. This one for little Leah looks beautiful - I particularly love the back!