9 Things on My Crafty Wish List

Did you notice something missing from my wishlist the other day? As I was putting these posts together, I quickly noticed that there were plenty craft-related items to make up their very own list. So here it is! I've been trying really hard this year to carve out more time for personal creativity and to learn new skills, like quilting, garment sewing, and embroidery, and I intend to carry that through into 2014, maybe even more so. These kits and tools will surely help. I hope they'll spark some ideas for the crafters on your list too!

1. The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt / I feel like I have the basics of quilting down now and need a book to inspire specific quilt patterns and blocks more than a how-to book. I've been admiring this one in Needlework for awhile and love that all of the block patterns are paired with letters from the 1920s!

2. Quilting Hoop / I intend to hand-quilt portions of the sampler quilt I've been making, which means I need a quilting hoop. Apparently the small embroidery ones will snap under the weight of a quilt. On the other hand, I'd kind of like to see that.

3. Carve-A-Stamp Kit by Yellow Owl Workshop / Who doesn't love stamps? I immediately began imagining the fabric design possibilities (another skill I'd like to learn more about) when I spotted this in Mixed Media this week. Actually, Mike pointed it out. He knows me so well.

4. Iron-on Transfer Pencil / I still really struggle with fabric markings, especially when I have to trace embroidery designs and I'm always searching for the perfect tool to end my headaches. Could this be it? I'd love to give it a test drive at least.

5. Embroidered Doll Kit by Kiriki Press / Speaking of embroidery, despite all the custom embroidery I do for customers, my lettering only ever requires two stitches. I'd love an opportunity to learn more with a kit like this and make an adorable little toy in the process. The fox is my favourite. Available at Needlework.

6. French Curve Ruler / By the looks of things around here, I've become a ruler collector. What's one more? As you would expect, this type is helpful for drawing curved lines, which is useful when altering or drafting patterns.

7. Archer Button Up Shirt Pattern by Grainline Studios / This pattern is probably a little advanced for my skills, but a part of me really wants to try it. Maybe I'll make it a goal for 2014. A safer choice is this dress pattern by Pattern Runway -- there is a particular fabric I've been holding for over 10 years that is perfect for this dress. Who's judging the fabric hoarder now?

8. Embroidery Needle Threader / Threading needles makes me cry, especially when it's thick, multiple-strand embroidery thread. I've tried the little metal threaders, but they always snap after one use. A tool has been created for every frustration in sewing, so I know there's a solution out there, and I've come to the conclusion that this is it. And if it doesn't work? It has to work.

9. Sashiko Kit / This is another embroidery kit I've been eyeing at Needlework for ages. Sashiko literally means "little stabs" and is a traditional Japanese stitching technique used on indigo cloth. I lived in Japan for a year and a half and seriously regret not searching out more textiles while I was there. This seems like a worthy compromise.

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