Farmer's Wife Quilt Progress: February

As with any big project, it was tough to have the guts to get started, but once I did, I didn't want to stop! Complete one block and I immediately wanted to make three more. As you can see on my handy dandy chart there, I ended up making 6 this month. Woo! My goal was to make one a week, so I'm pretty happy with my progress. My strategy thus far has been to tackle all the easy ones first so I could get a hang of the process and figure out some of the time-saving tricks I could use. It's nice to turn to whenever I have a spare hour or so and need a quick productivity high. Haha! 

#111 The Wrench (Needlework's quilt-along block of the month)

#31 Evening Star 
My favourite so far, I think.

#6 Big Dipper
I love this one and it was so easy to make using the this quarter square triangle technique. I think I'm going to make a baby quilt entirely of these blocks.

 #84 Spool
Experimenting with dark colours. Not sure if I like it. Do you?

 #20 Churn Dash
Pretty much identical to the wrench, so really easy to whip up when you have all the piece measurements already in your head. 

#29 Economy
It looks simple, but look closely and you'll notice each of those edges is on the bias. For my non-sewing readers, fabric cut on the bias has more give and stretch to it and thus can be finicky for accurate piecing. Grr. The overall size ended up being way off. This will be a redo.


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