April Photo a Day Challenge

This month I tried something new and joined in on the April Photo a Day challenge. You can read more about it on the Fat Mum Slim blog.

I'm not sure why. Maybe deep down I was searching for a way to get more involved on social media again. I've certainly been a little absent lately, with wedding planning taking over my life. But honestly, I just thought it might be fun. And it was, for the most part. I took more creative photos than usual and I felt more connected to my "followers" than I have in a long time. It felt like a true documentation of my life and who I am -- kind of like a visual journal.

However, I often forgot to post (usually over the weekend) and then tried to play catch-up and post three photos in one day or capture two prompts in a single photo. Towards the end of the month it morphed from something fun to something I had to do. I don't think that's really the point at all and more stress is not what I need right now (or ever). So I've decided not to participate in May. But I'm still going to try to take a photo a day, just unprompted and unguilted. :)

Here are all of my #fmsphotoaday shots if you haven't been following along on Instagram.

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