Our Wedding: Part 3 - Portraits

I have so many amazing memories from our wedding, but when pushed to pick a favourite, I always come back to this. The moment we escaped from it all, just the two of us. Well, the two of us and Hollie. Obviously the purpose was to snap a few picturesque portraits, but it ended up meaning so much more than that. We were both completely overwhelmed by the ceremony, so to have that time together, to soak it all in, to actually look at each other, and to calm the heck down was exactly what we needed. It was beautiful. It was my favourite. And the ice cream wasn't half bad, either!

Our super talented and sweet friend Deanna made our wedding rings. Isn't that special? Mine is platinum and made to match the detailing on my engagement ring, with rose cut diamonds and milligrain all the way around. Mike's is a coppery rose gold. We love them so much! Thanks again, Dee!

All photos by Hollie Pocsai.

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