9 Things on My Wishlist

I'll admit, with only a week until Christmas, it's probably pretty late for wish lists and gift guides. But, at the same time, I'm super sad that I haven't posted a single Christmas-themed post this year!

I begrudgingly gave up on my beloved 12 Days of Christmas series this year because, well... it was certifiably insane. I love everything about Christmas, so I loved doing it, but it was a lot of extra work at my busiest time. With my calm "word of the year" in mind, it just made sense to ditch the self-pressure. But then I went in the complete opposite direction and wrote absolutely nothing. Oops.

I couldn't possibly leave it at that. So, now that the craft fairs are done and the online orders have slowed to a trickle, why not just cram a bunch of festive posts into the next 7 days? Haha! Are you with me? Let's start with my wish list, because I've had it half-written for weeks and because it may help give you some ideas for any hard-to-buy-for ladies still left on your list!

1. The yoga mat I've been using for over 10 years still gets the job done, but it's on its last legs. Shocker. I'm not picky about brands, although I've read good reviews about this eco Jade Harmony one — as long as my feet don't slip, I'll be happy.

2. I love my Tamar Shalem boots so much, I've been dying to get another pair. These leopard print ballet flats are super cute (and on sale). I'm also pretty smitten with the black oxfords (also on sale).

3. I've always just used a rolled up towel to press darts when sewing, but I used a proper tailor's ham at Needlework last night and I swear my darts have never looked so good. (Needlework sells them, of course.)

4. I'm been struggling with a growing obsession for washi tape lately. I've justified purchasing a few rolls for business packaging purposes, but it took some serious self-control to not buy every colour of the rainbow. Naturally, a washi tape dispenser is the next step in my addiction. This wooden one is lovely, but I'm also kind of in love with this bear-shaped one that will hold up to 8 rolls! Care to enable me?

5. Another obsession of mine is calendars. Most of the time I'm trying (and failing) to simultaneously use three at once: my google calendar, a monthly desk planner, and a pretty wall calendar. Overkill? Maybe. This large wall calendar by Rifle Paper and Co. could be an all-in-one solution to that problem — pretty and practical. But I also love this floral one and this monthly planner by She Plans. You decide for me, because I can't. (You can find the Rifle Paper and Co. calendars at Mixed Media).

6. I'm going to attempt crocheting myself mittens and a scarf in the new year, but a toque might be too advanced for me. Plus, there are so many amazing ones you can buy, like this handmade beauty by White Lodge Knitwear. I also love the new merino styles by Icebreaker, like this cute pom pom guy and this neat reversible one.

7. Johanna Masko opened my eyes to the wonderful world of starch when sewing patchwork and I've been using it faithfully ever since. I could do without the chemical stench and fussy aerosol can, though. Flatter by Soak is a starch-free smoothing spray that solves all of those issues and is kind on the environment. With about 90 farmer's wife blocks still to go, this product would make the process much more enjoyable. (Available at Needlework.)

8. I'm still trying to sew as many new garments as I can in my free time, so patterns are always a good bet as a gift for me. Last year I asked for the Grainline Archer shirt pattern. This year, I want their Alder dress. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any Grainline pattern. I love them all!

9. No Christmas list of mine would be complete without books! I've read Diana Gabaldon's entire Outlander series and I'm ravenous for the newest edition!

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