The Dear Edna Newsletter

That's right, Dear Edna now has an email newsletter!

It's something I've been meaning to set up since I started, so I'm pretty excited it's finally happening. The first issue will be hitting inboxes by mid-February and every month (or so) after that.

It's the best way to keep updated on everything to do with Dear Edna, from new products, sales and events, to exclusive offers and sneak peaks behind the scenes. Basically, it will help us keep in touch!

If that interests you, please take a second to SIGN UP HERE.

And as an extra thank you, if you subscribe before the first issue comes out, you'll receive an exclusive coupon code to my shop! Can't argue with that.

Now here's the catch... you must promise to picture me writing each letter with blue ribbons in my hair and surrounded by roses. Do we have a deal?

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