Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket

This project kind of fell under the radar. I completed and gifted it back in March for a friend at her baby shower. In the deep freeze of January and February, I love having a crochet project to keep my hands warm in the evenings and this one certainly kept me occupied. It was probably the most tedious afghan I've ever made, being all single crochets, but the lush result was well worth it.

The pattern I used is by Krista Winters and is posted for free on her blog. I had no problems at all with the main chevron pattern. Although, it is helpful to know that you start your three single crochets in the first of three single crochets from the last row. Thanks to Jessica in the comments for that tip.

I did, however, ignore the instructions for the triangles on either end. I spent many hours trying to figure out why the instructions weren't working out and even tried some of the methods posted in the comments, but nothing was working. In the end, all I did was stitch it exactly the same way as the rest of the blanket, reducing each row by one until the "V" met in the center. Worked like a charm. So simple. I don't know why no one else suggested it. If you need a more detailed description, just let me know and I'll stitch a sample to remind myself. I have the worst memory.

I used a combination of Bernat Satin in Silk (white) and Red Heart Soft Touch in Shade (blue), because I had it on hand and because acrylic is so soft and washable, perfect for babies.

Now here's the up side of tedious crochet projects like this: you can watch TV while you work. Always a plus in my books. I crocheted through several seasons of The Good Wife for this one, and that's something to be proud of. That and a beautiful baby gift, I guess. Haha!


Lia said...

Hi. I have just finished this blanket and am now up to filling in the triangles. I think your triangles look the best out of any I've seen but I don't understand how you did it from the post above. Can you please elaborate? Thanks so much!

Lia said...

Hello, can you please elaborate on how you did the triangles? Thanks!