Riding High: Darling Ranges

The Darling Ranges dress pattern by Megan Neilsen is definitely a favourite of mine. I've sewn two sleeveless versions in the past that may need to be retired soon, as they've started to show exactly how much I love them. So a third DR has been on my mind, and I was itching to try the version with sleeves. Then I spotted this adorable horse print in my stash. It's super soft and slinky, which would also be a first for me, but it seemed to have the perfect drape for these billowy sleeves. And I was right! Yeehaw!

This fabric was a bit of a game-changer. It feels professional, like it could very easily have been from a store. It's ridiculously comfortable — I was tempted to wear it to bed. But best of all, it's given me the confidence to sew outside of my quilting cotton comfort zone, which opens the door to a whole new world of sewing options. Very exciting!

I feel like I finally nailed the fit this time too. There was always something just a little off with the other two. Third time's a charm I guess.
  • removed 1" from shoulder seams
  • lengthened bodice by 1"
  • lowered bust darts by 1"
  • lengthened bust darts by 3/4"
  • interfaced button plackets
  • stay-stitched neck (both front and back)
  • still need to add a hook and eye or inside button at the waist 

The main challenge with this fabric wasn't actually the texture, but the tiny pulls that kept appearing out of nowhere. I ended up reversing my button placket so I could cover some of the pulls. Is this the sign of poor quality fabric? What should I have done to prevent this? 

Unfortunately we pretty much skipped Spring this year and went straight to a blazing summer heatwave, so I've only had the chance to wear it out once. But that's alright, it gives me a chance to pick up a pair of cowboy boots and a hat to really complete the look. Ha!


Amanda Farquharson said...

Sometimes when pulls happen I use a micro text or very fine needle and silk pins. But some fabrics just pull!

Unknown said...

Sounds like your needle needs replacing. Or use a finer one. The average sewing machine needle is good for about 8-10 hours of sewing. Then it starts to dull.