New House, New Workspace

It's been just over a year since we moved into our new house, so it's about time I show you where I've been sewing all this time, don't you think?

As you can probably tell, I've claimed the attic. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty wonderful climbing up to this private space of mine every day. Add a window seat and it's pretty much my childhood dream come true.

What my 10-year-old self couldn't imagine, was how unbearably hot attics can be in the summer. With this year's constant heat warnings, I haven't been up there much since June. I've set up a folding table in our spare room for sewing and I do my editing work at the dining room table. It works, but it's irritating having to run back up there for one thing or another. Hopefully I'll figure out a solution to that problem next year. But let's be honest, I might not. Maintaining a house is hard, guys.

The Pinterest lust was strong when I was planning out the space. But when it came down to it, practicality had to take precedence. This is a workspace after all -- it has to work. I also firmly believe that you need to live in the space for awhile before settling on decor decisions. All the Pinterest pretty will have to come over time.

So the first room is more of an office space, with my computer, filing cabinet, yet-to-be-unpacked boxes, etc. I also set up my ironing board in here. And the second space is for everything sewing related.

There's not a lot of natural light and I moved that sewing table around to every possible configuration trying to capture it, but it turns out that the pot lights in the second room were better than what I was getting through the little window, so I went with that. I like having my computer desk in front of the window anyway. So it's all good. I just have to go to another room in the house to take photos.

I may change that back shelf into a skinny desk eventually, so I don't have to move my serger. A taller cutting table would be optimal too, to save my back. But, again, it works for now, so for now it stays.

Finally, my favourite addition to the room has to be my new office assistant. Meet Pekoe! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen many photos of him already. Some of his favourite ways to "help" include chewing notches in my patterns, unwinding embroidery thread, and keeping my office chair warm. Haha! All kitten hijinks aside, I absolutely love being a cat mama! When you work from home, having someone around to talk to (even if they can't talk back) makes a huge difference in your day. And, I have to say, it's pretty peaceful to sew with a sleeping kitten next to you. Just sayin'.


Unknown said...

The expedite storage system that you're using for the material is actually quite genius. But isn't it all within reach of the cat? How do you keep all the fur off of your cloth?

Erin said...

I have a very strange cat who seems to have no interest in soft, comfy spots like fabric nooks. Haha! Works for me!