Fall/Winter Sewing Plans

Considering I just came in from shoveling snow, I think it's time to bring this blog into the present and discuss fall/winter sewing. Well, just winter at this point, I suppose. If you haven't noticed, I'm pretty passionate about sewing clothing this year and with that comes an equally as passionate search for patterns and apparel fabric. It can get rather overwhelming (and expensive) and I've realized that a little planning can go a long way towards maintaining some peace of mind and getting shit done!

Choosing what I want to sew is a pretty organic process. I keep ongoing lists and Pinterest boards of styles and patterns I like. The mood board above is an example of things I've been pinning lately. At the beginning of each season, I mentally take note of what is missing from my wardrobe, return to my lists, and start to make connections between wants and needs, patterns and fabrics. At that point, I usually assess my stash and see what I can use that I already own before heading to the fabric store. However, it is usually a trip to the fabric store that really gets my sewing mojo going. I love me some freshly cut fabric, especially if you know exactly what you are going to make with it. So exciting!

Once I've gathered all my materials and pre-washed all my fabric, it's time to prioritize. I have two long Ikea shelves in my sewing room and I lay my fabric out on top of those in piles according to garment and put either the pattern or a little index card with a pattern idea on top. I love seeing everything laid out in front of me. It gives me such a clear picture of what I want to make and whether it's a realistic goal. If I can't fit any more piles on the shelves, for example, it's pretty obvious that I'm trying to sew too much.

My method is nowhere near as intricate as Anna's spreadsheets. I hesitate to even call it a method, it's so basic, but it's been working for me so far. It helps me to sew pieces that I actually need and will wear, to rein in my spending on both fabric and patterns, and to physically see my timeline and progress.

Anyway, would you like to see what my sewing piles look like at the moment? 

Button-up Shirts
I'm pumped to start tackling some more technical sewing this season and button-ups are definitely on the list. I love wearing them, but get very frustrated with the fit over time. I don't know if they shrink, or what, but I don't have any in my closet right now that are comfortable. Well, I've had the Grainline Archer pattern for nearly a year now, so it's time. And look at all the awesome plaids I've been collecting over the years, waiting patiently for their turn.

I also recently purchased the Deer & Doe Mélilot Shirt pattern. It's a button-up as well, but a more relaxed, off-the-shoulder fit that I'm excited to try too.

Basic Knits
Basics are still the name of the game for me and that means knits. Several of my tried-and-true Lark tees are in the cards for sure. Jen has been hinting that a Lark variation pack is coming in the new year, so I'm tempted to wait to see what that's all about. On the other hand, these are so quick for me to whip up now, it's also tempting to have a few satisfyingly quick sews done right off the bat.

I also want to take a second stab at leggings, with a pattern and 4-way stretch this time to help me out. I chose the Seamwork Manila leggings for that adorable petal cuff that almost make me rethink leggings as pants. Almost.

I wear a lot of cardigans and have had my eye on Grainline's Driftless this season. I recently picked up some merino jersey from (newly online) Canadian shop, Lockstitch Fabrics, for this purpose. It's a little more purply than the slate grey I thought I was getting, but it's still nice.

Astoria Sweater and Emery Dress
I also purchased this gorgeous blue merino jersey from Lockstitch Fabrics. I think it'll look beautiful as a Seamwork Astoria sweater (it's pretty much identical to their sample, so a pretty safe bet). 

I had this colourful Liberty print from my stash earmarked for a future Emery dress, but when I noticed how perfectly it matched this blue merino, it felt meant to be. Fancy dresses aren't the most practical for my lifestyle, but they're so fun to sew. Could a matching cropped sweater change everything?

I mentioned in my Dove review last week that I was excited to sew another one in light-blue tencel and I wasn't lying. Here it is in the queue. It's going to be good, isn't it?

Boxy Tops
I once had a navy blue silk blouse that I loved and ruined in the wash. This is what I had in mind when I bought this blue plaid in Paris this summer. It will become a boxy top, likely self-drafted, or a Lou Box Top if I'm feeling lazy.

I've also been yearning for a loose-fitting peplum-type tee and I can't find any patterns for exactly what I want, so I will likely have to draft that one myself as well. Hopefully there is enough of this awesome double gauze to work.

Ginger Jeans
Jeans! This was once at the top of the list, but I bumped it to the bottom because... I've finished my first pair! Woo! I took an intense 2-day class with the pattern designer herself, Heather Lou, a couple of weeks ago at Needlework. I'm so grateful because I'm not sure I ever would've had the guts to do it on my own. Obviously pictures and details to come for those (I'm still waiting on a button...ugh). I have lots of ideas of changes to make for my second pair and I want to do it before I forget everything I learned in my class. However, those are now at the bottom of this long list of sewing plans.

This is just clothing sewing, guys. I also have a long list of Christmas gifts and decorations, quilts, and home projects I want to make. Gah!

How about you? What are your sewing plans for this winter?

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