Ebony Tee Two Ways

Meet the Ebony Tee from Closet Case Patterns. I don't usually jump on newly released patterns right away. I'm much more likely to wait a year, so I can waste hours obsessively scrolling through hundreds of Instagram photos and blog reviews of course. I wasn't even sure that this trapeze style was "me", but darn if it didn't look like the most comfortable dress ever. Then one day I suddenly remembered a funky grey jersey print I had been holding onto for a couple of years. It would be perfect for this style. Shortly after that, some bamboo terry at Needlework screamed "Ebony" too loudly at me to ignore. Within a week, I had both a top and a dress. 

And then the weather miraculously cooperated with a freakishly warm long weekend in February, so I could give my new Ebony Tees the photos they deserve. 

Meant to be. Clearly. Ha!

I'm still not entirely sure the style looks great on me. I'm pretty faithful to a cinched waist. But I do know both garments make me feel great. It's hard to go wrong with knits in the comfort department, but there's also just something about a big flowy skirt that is so feminine and fun. When your clothes have the power to inspire a spontaneous twirl or just give you an extra bounce in your step, in February, it's a very good thing! 

Construction Notes: Dress
  • Size 6 (my bust measured at size 6, but waist and hip were size 8)
  • Fabric: bamboo terry in plum from Needlework. This fabric is so lovely, it's got some hefty weight and warmth to it, but still drapey and soft. Perfect for transitioning between seasons, at least that's what I'm hoping. I washed it in warm water and dried on medium (to shrink it as much as possible before sewing) and it shrunk a good 4" -- consider yourself warned.
  • I was a little concerned when I first laid out my pattern pieces and they didn't fit on my 74" piece (the pattern called for 2 yards, 72"). Luckily, I'm short, so I knew I'd have to shave at least an inch off the length, so I just went ahead and did that and it just fit. 
  • I shortened it at the lengthen-shorten lines marked on the pattern, but those were quite high and grading out resulted in some excess fabric in the bust area that I don't love. In hindsight, I should've just shortened at the hem. It's such a wide skirt, you'll never notice the missing volume.
  • I ended up shortening it an additional 3" at the hem (so 4" total when you count the 1" I took out before cutting).
  • I'm a little unhappy with the fit of the sleeves. I would prefer them to sit higher on my shoulders and there seems to be excess fabric in the front. I would consider sizing down next time.

Construction Notes: Tunic
  • Size 6 (my bust measured at size 6, but waist and hip were size 8)
  • Fabric: lightweight jersey print from Fabricland at least 3 years ago
  • This is the first time I'd ever sewn raglan sleeves and I'm in love. They are so much more forgiving for fit issues at the shoulder, which I tend to have a lot of. Send me all your favourite raglan patterns!
  • I lengthened the sleeve very simply using the "blending views" tutorial on the CCP blog. This resulted in a little bagginess in the upper arm, so I shaved a little off between the armpit and elbow about 1/4".
  • Shortened length by 1".

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