Fulton Sweater Blazer

Do you remember the Blackwood cardigan I made and how much I loved the way the heavy knit gave it a kind of casual blazer look? I wear that cardigan constantly and have been wanting to make something similar ever since. Well, my dreams came true when Alina released the Fulton Sweater Blazer and Needlework got this awesome wool double knit around the same time last Fall. And then they both had sales! The sewing stars were aligned. The fabric is called Moon Dust, after all. 

This pattern was a real winner for me. There were absolutely no fit adjustments, besides shortening the sleeves a smidge. I cut a size 6.

Because this fabric was quite hefty, I turned all of the hems (pockets, sleeve and bottom) under only once. In hindsight I probably didn't need to interface the collar either because it added bulk, but since I have no experience working with a fabric like this, I decided to just be safe and do it. I also opted not to use the sleeve hem facings, again because of the thickness of the fabric and I was fine with the solid black showing when it was rolled up.

That collar was tricky, as you would imagine. But Alina has a video tutorial that really helps. I watched it a bunch of times before it clicked for me, and still I had to unpick once. I would also recommend that you stay stitch just inside the seam lines at the collar's pivot points. Cutting into a pivot point without stay stitching is dangerous business. You will be manipulating that area a lot, especially the first time you make this, and your fabric will weaken or unravel there. I didn't and I was kicking myself. It worked out alright, but it was super close. I was actually surprised not to find a hole when I turned it right side out. Do as I say, not as I do.

Boy do I love when the insides are neat and tidy and hide a little surprise just for you. How cool is this tag? Mike gave me a set in my stocking this year and it makes me laugh every time I see it. It's the little things. 

Kylie and the Machine makes the labels and they are available online (from Australia) and at Needlework (if you're in the Hamilton area). There are so many cute designs -- I want them all!

Final verdict: I love the this blazer! It was really simple to make, but the finishes are neat and professional. It can easily be dressed up or down, as a layer or on it's own. It fits great, feels great, and is actually really warm! Warm and classy is my winter holy grail. It's a combo that is hard to find, and yet very necessary in a life that includes polar vortexes. Stay warm and sew on, friends.

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